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Winning over a roulette wheel is not easy, players have often looked for the Best Roulette strategy and have tried out many Roulette strategies, methods, calculations to win at roulette and have been unsuccessful.

Iprologic has come up with a software design called Modulator –A Roulette Predictor. This tool gives accurate predictions, which is built with successful Roulette strategies and Multi level Algorithms which gives Accurate Predictions to suit any kind of roulette layout be it European or American and would give the same kind of result for any Online or a land based Casino.


Design, strategy of Roulette has been worked and built by our team of professional Roulette Players understanding the dynamics of the Roulette wheel. Modulator is one of the Best Roulette Predictors which gives accurate predictions and advises you on the betting setup. Modulator – A Roulette Predictor is a Powerful and Advanced Tool with complex algorithms and inbuilt multiple strategies and when used properly can make you a profit. Our Modulator does not require any Roulette Tips and Tricks to win over Roulette, You have to follow our Instructions and you can win with consistency and profitability.

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Why Ipro Modulator ?

Modulator software is designed to give us a huge edge in winning more than ever before, it is developed by experts to help the clients to decide on the game plan and manage their bankroll efficiently. to decide the unit of bet as per the bankroll.

Advantages of Modulator - A Roulette Predictor

  1. User Friendly
  2. With its Multiple strategies analyses the dynamics of the Roulette wheel and gives you predictions.
  3. Secure and safe platform
  4. It is online. There is nothing to download and it can be accessed 24/7.

How does Ipro Modulator Work?

Our Modulator predicts AN EVEN CHANCE play for each spin, based on the current spin number as it is input on to the module. numbers on every spin as per the base number entered by the player. Once the current spin number is placed into the module, it will then give a prediction of where to place units/chips on the table for the next spin. We have a few training videos of our website as well as on our youtube channel IPROLOGICUSA but we have exclusive materials for our subscribed users on on Casino money Management, after becoming a subscribed user.


Wow, I won – Happpieee

Using the Modulator was so easy and the results were way beyond, what I expected. Strategies, technique and principle would take you to a WIN WIN situation.


Super Software

This is very easy to make money, the predictor one thing that made a difference in the lives of many people. I am making a living out of it, I have made $50 an hour.