Our Approach

Ipro Modulator – A pro Gaming solution, We built and designed gaming Software, one such software is our Modulator – A Casino Roulette Predictor that provides our clients with a winning edge. We believe that our Modulator turns Gamblers to Investors and turns every game into profits. With over so many strategies and methods to win over the Roulette, it is often a daunting task to choose which approach to play and which procedure would help you win, so we highly experienced professional players have designed and built a software that is a revenue-generating tool that does all the work to win over the Roulette in Casino with simple and easy steps. Modulator’s prediction is accurate and makes you win. No wonder our inbuilt Winning roulette strategy in our Modulator has won millions.

This program works best on internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox avoid use on Google Chrome.

Our Aim


Our Products

We believe and ensure that our clients achieve success with our Modulator- A Roulette Predictor with built-in winning strategies that provide an accurate prediction to win at Roulette and beat the Casino. We have designed the game to win the roulette System that offers a security feature and complete randomness of results with flexible alternatives and, which you can use on any land-based casino or online casinos. Our team has worked on complex algorithms that calculate the Roulette winning odds and increase the chance of winning the game. Our Roulette predictor helps you beat the Casino, ensuring the safest bet on Roulette and minimize the risk of losing at Roulette with its inbuilt Roulette winning Formula. Modulator is a structured software that ensures you win, maintaining the thrill of gaming.

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